Welcome to Middle Atlantic Four Wheel Drive Association

Formed in the early 90’s, the Middle Atlantic Four Wheel Drive Association is a regional association representing the interests of the 4×4 enthusiast in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware. MAFWDA is a member of the United Four Wheel Drive Associations, BlueRibbon Coalition, and the Maryland Off-Highway Alliance. Conservation and solid land use ethics are our number one core value.


MAFWDA provides a means for its member clubs to network and unify efforts regarding important topics for the 4×4 community.  Important issues we care about and promote include:

  • Land use issues at both the state and federal level,
  • Monitoring of DOT laws and regulations,
  • Fighting land, road, and area closures,
  • Obtaining access to new areas or roads, and
  • Working to keep open, or re-open access to public trails.
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MAFWDA provides member clubs and their individual members a means to promote and grow their clubs.  Additionally, members have opportunities to discover new and unique places to wheel.  The Association on your behalf works closely with regional forest manager and advocates for your continued four wheel drive access.

Join today and help support Middle Atlantic Four Wheel Drive Association to “protect access to your public land.”